What better than a Valentine’s supper club with an experienced Italian chef – Adalberto Battaglia – serving up a Seafood Feast on the Strand

Revelling in the moniker “The King of Gnocchi”, Adalberto Battaglia is a seasoned chef who revels in the delights of the Riviera, the space where France and Italy meet.

His cooking path is a road well-travelled, working in Rome, Tenerife and London, where we has fired up the stoves at Amber, Quo Vadis, Alloro and Rosmarino.

Adalberto Battaglia puddingHe has a passion for seafood and his Valentine’s extravaganza is an Italianate journey around the food of love in the heart of the Strand. This is one for singles or couples, to bring your own liquor and sup on dishes such as Campari marinated fresh prawns with orange glaze and mixed leaves or saffron gnocchetti with lobster bisque veloute.

Adha has been a regular popper-upper through his Quinto Quarto team and offers up lazy Italian Sunday roasts with white lasagne, porcini and pecorino and neck fillet of lamb with red wine sauce.

Here is a man with a sense of creativity and flavours when it comes to cooking. For £39 you get a sensual culinary adventure. Book below with all your heart!

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