Another street food innovator makes it indoors, and The Ugly Dumplings has got it all wrapped up

There’s a temptation to warn people that if they don’t like dumplings, a dumpling-focused restaurant is not the place for them. Avoid. But who doesn’t like dumplings? Along with a host of other eatables, dumplings are a particular HotJoint favourite.

Anyone who has dim summed in Hong Kong knows that there is a revelatory experience in the sheer breadth of dumplings that, not only just work, but are UNBELIEVABLY tasty. It is an art form and therefore, The Ugly Dumplings, a new joint from successful street food vendors, is not seemingly as narrow a concept as you might think.

Aromatic duck, pork and prawn, satay chicken, pork belly, prawn and chive, spinach and tofu are all available at this jaunty little Soho newbie, which has nestled snugly into the old Pitt Cue joint just off Carnaby.

TUD also twists things up a bit with lamb, harissa and mushroom and truffle and mushroom, but it is the dessert dumplngs that may make the most impact on people’s tastebuds. The blueberry option is garnering a lot of attention and why not. A new taste sensation has landed.

The founder is Chinese Malaysian and created a solid cooking foundation with experience at Le Manoir and time spent at The School of Wok, but it is the hard yards on the street for a few years testing recipes at various street markets that we suspect has sculpted this menu – which also has noodle salads and some veg options, as well as short and sweet beer and wine options.

Pop down and see what’s on the boil.