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Under the tagline Eat, Drink, Design, Create, HotJoint is dedicated to creative thought in bars, restaurants, food and drink in the capital. London food and drink obsessives Eivin Berget and Charles Howgego wanted to create a vehicle for creative thinking not constrained by traditional boundaries. Entrepreneur Eivin met journalist Charles at a food battle the latter organized and they identified a shared love of innovation in food and drink. They have launched the content-rich hotjoint.co.uk website with a network of collaborators to tell vivid stories of the capital’s best eating and drinking venues and their neighbourhoods, producing news, features and interviews. If you want to tell us about projects you are involved with: info@hotjoint.co.uk If you want to receive regular news and features on London food and drink: Sign up for the newsletter on the homepage Salut! HTJT