Meantime have opened – temporarily – Britain’s smallest pub. And they are giving away the beer. Nutters, right?

They say great things come in small packages right? London’s drinking scene is blessed by Dionysus (that’s Greek god of wine and drinking and revelry etc), yet there are some hidden gems that only the Greek Gods and few other tipple lovers would dare to imagine. Such as a 6ft x 8ft room giving away free beer in the heart of Greenwich?

make time for it pubDubbed Britain’s smallest pub, the Make Time For It has a wild and independent soul but it is technically not so mainstream to be geographically affiliated to Shoreditch. Too hipster to be called hipster? Probably. What matters though is that despite being a hidden gem in south-east London, we expect to see this place to be flooded with crowds of affectionate pub crawlers.
Like every respectable British man, you must think of queueing for your pint as a religious experience (especially if that comes for free) so if you are not into that maybe this is not the right place for you.

The philosophy behind Make Time is one of time being a synonym of quality. Great beer is in fact an ancient art that requires patience and perseverance and Ged Palmer, the man behind the London Maketime edition knows that better than anyone else. With over twelve years’ experience working with letterforms, Ged Palmer put together his passion for crafty knick-knacks and his devotion to beer.

Apparently it takes six weeks to make a great beer and seven weeks to make the perfect flavour. We don’t expect you to wait for so long though, but simply come along to try this regal beverage and meet the most enthusiastic craftsman of London. It is worth making time for it.