A crafty Peckham Thai local with famous connections is set to open up an outpost

David Thompson is a name that in the Western world, and bits of the East, is synonymous with Thai food. His was a love affair with a foreign cuisine that became an obsession, a way of life, and spawned famous restaurant Nahm at the Halkin and a big pink book that achieved cult culinary classic status.

Thus it was rnough to be associated with his work, as Jane Alty was helping with the aforementioned big pink book, to garner attention for a restaurant opening.

Begging BowlThe Begging Bowl opened in Peckham in 2012 and its colourful diversion from the oversweet, mainstream Thai food that you can find up and down the UK, and the use of lesser-known Thai ingredients immediately caught the eye. Added to this, it had a fresh canteeny vibe, with reclaimed wood, and placed in an up and coming area had all the ingredients for a potential success.

And success followed, as the foodcrispy squid with red turmeric and lime leaf, watermelon salad and cured swordfish, taro and peanut coconut curry, red jungle curry with hake dumplings, backed all this up with mouthwatering intensity.

Sharing plates is a phrase that can chill to the bone, and sometimes works, but here, people can graze the menu with others and go on a journey of discovery. And there’s a natty line of exotic cocktails featuring smoked sabai, Thai basil margherita, and a Pen-Ya with lemongrass-infused Japanese whisky. Wow.

Peckham has changed but the Begging Bowl is still serving up amazing regional Thai dishes. And its star has risen and it is now opening an outpost in a new food hub of four restaurants and bars being made out of the Prince pub in west Brompton. Exciting Thai-mes!