In among the stalls, talks and other events in Regent’s Park there are some Taste sensations waiting to be uncovered

Taste of London, Regent’s Park, 15-19 June // Taste of London 


1235 Donuts from Brad McDonald
Lockhart and Shotgun opened up new territory for southern US cooking in London with verve, style and the unique talents of Brad McDonald. At ToL he will also be bringing along his much-lauded, social media-friendly 1235 Donuts. Sweet, savoury, round or square, a tray of these babies is definitely enough to send the most ardent of foodies into a camera-snapping, lip-smacking frenzy. One question remains over 1235 Donuts: what are they 4?

Amazing burgers from famous folk
Not only a lovely thing to do, to give up your time for charity, but also to come up with some thing truly unique and creative – well done top London chefs Raymond Blanc, Shaun Searley from the Quality Chop House, Jason Atherton, Nieves Barragan Mohacho from Barrafina; and food writer Gizz Erskine.

They will be presenting for visitors’ delectation a range of burgers to buy with all proceeds going to Action Against Hunger. I don’t think there’s much more to say than to list the menu: Blanc: beef burger with celeriac remoulade, garlic aioli and Comte cheese. Searley: Buttermilk fried chicken with smoked bacon mayonnaise, beef tomato and crispy chicken skin. Atherton: confit lamb shoulder burger, crispy aubergine, spicy ketchup and Fleur de Maquis cheese. Barragan Mohacho: beef burger with crispy morcilla, San Simon cheese and mojo picon sauce. Erskine: buffalo cauliflower cheese veggie burger with blue cheese sauce and pickled celery.

Now that’s taking action against hunger!

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 07.34.29Colonial Safari Camp
Crazy nut jobs Mr Fogg’s have set up a “luxurious colonial-style tent” with stuffed animals and globes and maps and Phileas Foggy-style stuff, to give you that leather upholstery and rattan furniture feel of colonial times. What to focus on for a bar such as this? Well, it’s cocktails and G and Ts all the way, with the African theme shining through: African Good Time features tequila, lime, pear puree and lemon verbena tea syrup. Rumbling Around the Serengeti mixes Zacapa 23, coffee cream, camel milk and vanilla syrup. Maybe you want it a bit sweeter. One hump or two?

Santo Remedio

A bastion of true Mexican food in a city awash with stodgy burritos and dodgy Dorritos, Santo Remedio pays homage to the core of Mexican cuisine with cactus, blue corn, grasshoppers and the works. Genuine Mexican is on a UNESCO world heritage list and SR serve up dishes such as pig’s ear tacos, ox tongue, carnitas and Hibiscus fizz cocktails. At ToL they’ll be serving Pasilla-marinated gilled lamb cutlets and guacamole with grasshoppers. Aribba!

Pierre Koffmann’s trotters

Everyone knows the legendary chef has a thing for porcine pins, and for some it may be a taste sensation just a little too far. Indeed, the £30-a-main prices at his eponymous Knightsbridge outpost at the Berkeley hotel may be a step too far. But ToL gives you the chance to sample the little fellas in the comfort of your own food festival, so why miss out. Btw, the trotters are deboned, stuffed with morels and cooked to crispy on the outside, just in case you wondered. Oink oink.
Mr Fogg’s