At HotJoint we love creativity, it rocks our world, and if anything showed that chefs and restaurateurs are thinking more creatively, then Talli Joe is it. A new Indian ‘half plates’ and cocktails joint with the emphasis on giving the customer an interesting experience down Shaftesbury Ave way. Bravo!

Talli Joe int

So what are half plates? Well, does it matter, they are smaller dishes for sharing but not “small plates” or “tapas-style”, but they are colourful and unusual without trying too hard and explosions of taste – take crabmeat scotch egg with tadka mayo or a shrimp tomato shot (in a South Indian broth), for example.

Tandoori guinea fowl or Goan pork and offal pickle show that the meat has been well thought-out and Kerala banana wafers and Masala papad cones as drink snacks shows a great desire to please the diner and drinker alike.

Talli Joe cocktail

It’s good times all the way on the cocktail menu with north, south, east and west India all repped – eg. East: Masala Punch, featuring saffron-infused gin, Assam tea, Jaggery Syrup, Lime Spice or South: Amma’s Special, featuring Gin, fresh cucumber and coriander, lime and sugar.

Don’t tell anyone but I don’t think Joe exists but is a mythical brand device to show the way – talli means tipsy in Hindi. We get the drift, with the colours, the casual, funky interior (93 covers), the sharing plates and cultural cocktails, it says ‘come in, have fun’. And who are we to argue.