Tom Sellers is a Michelin starred success, er, story that we should cherish

To our credit, the Brits love a boy done good (or a girl done good), someone born into an average life who makes the grade and becomes something special. To our discredit, the island is still obsessed with class and will do anything to pigeonhole folk into applicable boxes.

Tom Sellers has enjoyed the great fortune (sarcasm) of being a boy done good, a working class Nottingham fella cooking fancy, pricey food for the poshos in London Bridge (their pigeonholes, not mine), and to be fair to Tom, he’s played up to that a bit.

So he’s going to get a bit of stick at some point – that’s the game the media plays. So Ours got a bit of stick and he responded, as is his right, to La Maschler’s unkind words.

Tom SellersNone of which is particularly important because it’s the food and the restaurant that matters and Story won a Michelin star thingy and it’s all hunky dory. Although, you get the sense with Tom that it never will be hunky dory and he wants the ‘Full Gordon’, the stable of joints, the wonga and the profile. And frankly, we wouldn’t mind a bit of that too.

But, as we said, the food has the loudest voice here and the tasting menu at Story still has jaws dropping: bread and dripping, snail ravioli, lobster and apple, venison and cauliflower, chocolate and honey. Tell us your not salivating. But these are simple words, the full Story is told on the plate.

The scallops with dill ash with a neat raw bivalve was a jaw dropper and tells you about the attitude, and the talent is what pulls it off. When chefs come along that have put in the hard yards (Noma, Per Se, Aikens), talk the talk AND deliver, it’s the pinnacle of everything. A joy to see.