The purveyors of authentic, vivid Mexican food stage a triumphant return

Regular HotJointers will know that we are more than a bit partial to the wonderful – and criminally underexposed – cuisine of Mexico in the capital. The news of Santo Remedio’s closure and then subsequent reopening was at first a dash and then a fillip for the soul.

Since 2015, tacos and mezcal have taken a real leap forward, with Breddos and El Pastor and Temper and others taking a little leftfield approach and shining a light on Mexican magic.

Santo remedio foodSanto Remedio was always a slightly different story, one with a more direct link to Mexico with Edson Diaz-Fuentes committed to serving up authentic dishes from the mother land with a nod to the cocktails and munchies culture of London.

After a couple of years of pop-ups and supper clubs, Edson and wife Natalie were happy in their Shoreditch spot when it all had to stop and a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign that raised 46 grand helped secure the new site in Tooley Street near London Bridge.

The decor of the Santo Remedio in Shoreditch and the new place is funky-homely and this is where the cooking comes from, the colour and love of the Mexican home. This passion had obviously won over some serious fans, and with restaurant critics supporting their cause and a bundle of crowdfunders whacking down the spondoolicks Santos Remedio is reborn.

With tacos and braised meats, a charcoal grill whipping the likes of octopus into shape, artisanal cheeses, short rib, tostados and their legendary guac with grasshoppers, the reason for the devotion becomes obvious.

Now, with a new location and a bar to boot, SR looks set to conquer the hearts and minds of the wider hungry London crowd. Fantastico!