Salon is a big thing in Brixton; and it’ll be a big thing in London very soon

Oh London, oh Salon, oh Nicholas Balfe, oh Brixton. Life jut doesn’t get much better than thinking about joyous little restaurants tucked away doing their own thing with enormous vats of creativity and poetry. There’s no crowing, there’s no media budget, there’s just hard work and good ideas.

There’s also, at Salon (sort of) in Brixton Market, pickling and butchery and pastry and grilling and spicing and matching unusual flavours and a whole host of wines that would keep a lush busy for a good period of time.

Salon began life as a bit of a fine diningy pop-up, highly creative, very presentable, with a passion for fresh, seasonal produce and inky vino. It grew in popularity and now is the go to in Brixton for a bit of alright, a little bit above the norm.

SalonWe mean, it doesn’t hurt if you have the cash to flash, say for a special occasion, as there’s set menus at 33 or 49, and then there’s the fine wines. But for this dosh, founder chef Balfe is knocking out house made breads and cod with kohlrabi, duck with crab apple and kale, aubergine and spelt with mushroom ketchup, devilled duck offal, parsnip and cow’s curd and some famous nduja croquettes.

It’s all mouth-wateringly good. There’s a bar downstairs, dining up and it has expanded to fashion a wine shop next door. A recent facelift has seen the place set down a marker that it is no longer a pop-up but a fully fledged, bona fide little gem waiting to smuggle you to a fresh heaven. Vicky line, here we come.