A sherry bar in Shoreditch? Shurely shome mistake?

There’s a number of boasts at the Napoleon hotel in Shoreditch. One is that it is the smallest hotel in London in that it has only one bedroom. Hard to beat this record, unless of course you have a hotel with no bedrooms at which point you’ve lost the argument.

It is also home to a tiny, dico-loving specialist sherry bar, which is something to be very proud of, and also a whisky bar and another cocktail bar. With this array of alcohol purveying you would have thought the one suite in the place is more of a crash pad, but there are a few snacks along the way to line the stomach.

Sack sherrySack, the sherry bar, blends photos of Studio 54 and Andalucian flamenco bars, its sunny corner position hoping to ape the south of Spain as much as you can in east London. And if you don’t like sherry, then don’t come. The word ‘acquired’ is always used – in the UK – to describe the taste of the sherry but it is a pleasue anyone who enjoys wine should be able to learn to love.

The small list of tapas – snack really: manchego, nuts, olives, ham, oh and some boccadillos (sangers) – suggests this is a labour of love, not to be sullied with the stress of a hot kitchen. That’s someone else’s game; here it is sherry and vibes.

Booze meister Tristan Stephenson and his Fluid Movement friends have created in their one-room, three-bar hotel many shareable moments and continue to help make London food and drink an interesting world to step into. Ole!