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The first Eat Like A Brit culinary quiz organised by HotJoint and Roast restaurant gave participants plenty of food for thought …

A quizzical night was had by all at Roast restaurant on Tuesday with some of the greatest food minds (OK, some keen foodies, bloggers and industry folk) battling it out to be crowned Food Brain of Britain – OK, the winner of the inaugural HotJoint food quiz.

Coined “Eat Like a Brit”, this evening of drinking, eating and tough culinary questions was held, suitably, at British restaurant Roast in the hallowed portico overlooking the foodie temple that is Borough market.

Quizzers at Roast

After some welcome drinks and chats, which frankly could have gone on for hours if quizmaster and HotJoint editor Charles hadn’t stepped in with a prod towards the questions stations, the quiz got under way.

On six tables were questions related to the canapés that Roast had provided, such as scallops with ox cheek and beef with horseradish cream. The guests were split into teams and off they went, grazing, chatting, scheming and debating.

“What is beeturia?” “Where is the rhubarb triangle?” and other exasperated cries could be heard – just – above the slurping and munching.

And how great in these Brexitty time to welcome Chinese, Malay, Norwegian, Italian and French guests as well, proving the world of food and drink is a power for good with its ability to bring people together for a fun ol’ time.

And at the end, it was a draw! Which meant it went down to a tie-breaker question. Emerging victorious after a closer estimation than their rivals of the number of members of the allium family was a team led by Kavita of Kavey Eats, including Snig of Snig’s Kitchen, Gary Big Spud, and Ginger Gourmand Naomi (pictured).Roast winners

Among other clichés rolled out for the evening was ‘no one goes home emptyhanded’, not least the winners who took home HotJoint aprons and Roast cookbooks.

The participants wandered off into the dark Borough night (probably for more food and drink!) their heads pounding from the culinary information they had been asked to ponder. Who knew the Isle of Man is a bounty of Queenie scallops, and that Cornish yarg was wrapped in nettles?

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