Magpie’s trolleys; vegans; Clare Smyth’s new joint; Duck and Waffle’s midnight feast; and Flavour Bastard

Magpie’s food on trolleys experience opens and it actually sounds like fun, rather than a gimmick. Take off!

Clare Smyth unveils her first solo joint – Core – a fine dining excursion in Notting Hill.

Clever idea (we think!): Duck and Waffle are having a special midnight feast menu so people can admire their amazing twinkly views.

Flavour BastardYes, if you haven’t already heard, Soho will soon see the arrival of a new joint called Flavour Bastard. And why not!

Here’s a dubious story about veggies and vegans turning carnivores off meat. It’s a story that tries to paint everyone in a bad light. Silly, but entertaining on one level!