Nestling snugly next door to its mama, the Quality Chop House shop – which on the outside is called the Q Shop – contains a butcher’s and a deli, and a smorgasbord of carefully selected jams, pulses, condiments. It is basically, lipsmacking, but is a neatly innovative solution to a number of problems.

The Quality Chop House restaurant is a bijou venue (it’s small!) and has a suitably bijou kitchen (it’s tiny!) with an appropriately bijou subterranean prep area (weeny).

So, to solve the issues of chefs and food prep staff whacking into each other constantly, they expanded. And what’s more, they can knock out the wonderful meat that has built the QCH’s reputation to the public, prep it for the restaurant, and now even make it part of a wholesale business.

This ia all because co-owner Will Lander noticed that the decorating suppliers next door (not lipsmacking!) were using the space purely to advertise their business – he made his move and three months later they were up and running.

Genius. The restaurant was now using more of the animals rather than buying in expensive prime cuts only, but there’s more, as co-owner Josie Stead explains: “We were also making a lot of things on site such as jams/chutneys, terrines, pies, etc and thought it would be great to retail them as well, hence the food shop.

“We have a production kitchen downstairs that makes all QCH products. The rest of the shop is made up of producers we want to support.”

They sell homemade jams and chutneys and cure their own hams, and help out suppliers they think are doing the business with their own goods. It’s like a dream for foodies, with dried beans, beautiful tinned anchovies, fresh produce, wonderful cuts of meat. What more could you want? Well they thought of something else: “We’re going to offer butchery classes a couple of times a month as well,” says Josie. As I said, foodie heaven.

Quality Chop House Food & Butcher, 92-94 Farringdon Road, EC1R 3EA
020 3490 6228