A Chiswick all-dayer with stunning menu and a design that makes you want to stay forever

HotJoint loves it when a bar or restaurant just goes for it; when someone’s passion has led them to say ’let’s just do it’. You get that feeling at No 197 Chiswick Fire Station. OK, the concept: an all-dayer, a neighbourhood joint that can alsi function as a night out, is not new, but the execution is a delight and specil mention has to go to the thrillingly bold décor.

Interiors in London tend to be a bit samey, OK there are exceptions, but here is a fresh, bright white Scandi, wood and cactus affair that almost steals the show.

The space is divided up into so many different areas: perch on a big wooden stool at the bar and feel like a tennis umpire. Kick back in the white loungey sofas and imagine you’re in Miami. Sit at the huge communal table and feel like you’re back at school.

It’s fun, cool, and attracts yummy mummies, business appointments, brunchers, lunchers, while away the afternoon-ers, meet after work-ers and let’s make it a big one, cocktails and all.

There’s pineapple and sage mojito, passionfruit caipirinha (we’re in!) elderflower and Earl grey gin fizz: clever, fresh and unique.

And the food on offer brings salivation. Small and sharing gives you crispy polenta squid, smoked aubergine falafels, ginger chicken cakes, parmesan cauliflower croquettes (one of each please).

Chicken schnitzel, moules marineres, beetroot and barley risotto lie in wait on the mains, and the puddings are peeking out at you from behind a door saying ‘are you coming in ?’ Fig cheesecake, white and dark chocolate mousse, coconut chia pudding with poached pear. It’s all too much.

Beef brisket and rotisserie chicken pop up on a Sunday and you know this is a place serious about the comfort of the customer. Chiswick has a big gem sitting here. Lucky south-westerners.