Peckham picks ’em and puts ’em on a plate

Peckham is just an awesome place – it has avoided any of the clichés of a gentrifying neighbourhood, even bypassing achingly hip and underground, just going straight for interesting and independent.

Meet District, it has to be said, has a pun in the title, which HotJoint is always a big fan of (however bad!) but it has to be noted, the vast majority of the population are not. Nevermind, they’ve gone their own way on that one and that’s not the end of it.

Meet District foodBone marrow and toast and a cheese board in the starters (feat, smoked scamorza and tallegio with plantain chutney; the District brisket burger comes with pulled brisket, black beans, cheddar and sour cream; sides of sweet potato fries with paprika and garlic; and a steak obsession, all point to a New Yorkie big flavours brasserie thing going on on the Queens Road for laidback Peckhamites. And more power to them.

It’s a kind-of all-dayer as well, big on brunch and designed in a funky way with a serious undercurrent. Smart.

It’s founded by a local, Babs Odeneye, who obviously knows just what the area needs, and the attention to detail on craft beer, artisan coffee and sustainable ingredients suggests a particular kind of passion, for a particular kind of crowd.

Peckham just gets stronger.