Meatopia is back and HotJoint is sponsoring, dressing the chefs in our unique barbecue aprons. It all suggests, this year is going to be the best ever!

Meatopia is upon us once again. On the 2, 3 and 4 September it will be a glowing, red hot (and smokey) beacon drawing salivating carnivores like zombies to an historic Victorian warehouse in east London.

But this is no mere celebration of barbecue, this is a congregation of some of the world’s best flame and wood-inspired chefs celebrating the most ancient of cooking rituals.

Meatopia jointJoining a stellar list of UK chefs will be the likes of Argentine Francis Mallmann and Swede Niklas Ekstedt, both hugely renowned in their native countries and beyond. Both trained in the French school at high-end restaurants and both experienced epiphanies, called back to the cooking of the ancients to move their own art forwards.

These guys use millennial-old techniques, hanging meat over fire, in chimneys, crucifying whole animals in front of bonfires – the list goes on.


And the selection of UK-based chefs is unsurpassed at any event, surely. Jose Pizarro (Jose Pizarro and Pizarro and Jose!), Luke Findlay (Patty and Bun), Tomos Parry (Kitty Fishers), Ottolenghi, Neil Rankin, Tom Adams from Pitt Cue. The list truly goes on and on.

This year, musical acts of the calibre of Professor Green and Jazzie B will be serving up vibes, as well as the Frontier beer folk, the McGuigans wine posse, and extra fun and games from the likes of Big Green Egg and Kadai firebowls.

And of course, HotJoint will be there as a sponsor, sniffing out the stories and the interviews and even cladding all the chefs in our stylish barbecue aprons, which you can win here.

One word sums this all up: celebration. It’s a celebration of food, a celebration of fire, a celebration of meat, a celebration of life. It’s even a celebration of celebrating! See you there.
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