The meat gods were smiling on Meatopia UK – on a balmy September day with the sun shining through the clouds of charcoal smoke rising to the skies, the hungry crowds came to worship at the high temple of meat and were duly rewarded.

Dishes from all over the world and from the corners of the imaginations of some of the most talented chefs on the planet were available, queues forming for Ross Clarke’s rum-soaked jerk chicken sandwiches and Hawksmoor’s short rib burger (guess what? It didn’t disappoint).

Small bands chucked out party tunes (props to the amazing Brassmaster) in the main bandstand and revellers soaked up some autumnal rays outside by the Frontier bar and near the HangFire Smokehouse crew serving up lamb with pickled leeks and a delicious heavily reduced gravy.

Picanha seemed at every turn, glazed pork chops, sweetbreads from Uri Navon from Jerusalem’s Machneyuda, kid schwarma, Korubata’s chicken with soy, truffle and miso dressing (and a quick vodka and cranberry shot on the side) was stunning.

As were the models wearing HotJoint aprons, who must have convinced some of the chefs because Lockhart’s Brad wore one our Camden aprons, Maria Tampakis wore a HotJoint apron, and David Carter (respect to the salt marsh lamb) wore a Blacksmith apron (all can be seen and bought here).

Meatopia is a friendly festival with a great vibe and we were delighted to be partners by providing some chefwear and editing, sponsoring and distributing the newspaper, The Meatopian. We will post another feature with a bit more on the food; but the good news is, you don’t have to wait too long for another Meatopia. They are doing it all again today (Sunday 20 Sept).