The Meat Lust crew, who make hot and meaty sauces, have got hold of a bus and put a barbecue on top. It’s almost as simple as that, but then it’s a brilliantly simple idea.

ON the Meat Lust busThey also drive you round some of the capital’s meatiest venues – Foxlow, The Bowler, Rib Man – while you drink beers and sample the carnivorous delights. It’s damn cool and they are going to be doing it all over the country. All aboard!

It’s a crazy notion in some ways but then the London food landscape is pretty damn inventive, one of the more dynamic food cultures you’ll find in the world. Supper clubs, secret dining, food competitions, pop-ups, street food, you name it, we’ve done it in London.

If you have a great idea about a food event that hasn’t been done, then why don’t we try and get it sorted. Send your ideas to and we will use our contacts to see if we can make it happen!