Fresh, happy and healthy, Maple & King’s has landed in Pancras Square

You can’t deny the attraction of Pancras Square, with its abundance of sky and freshly created campus feel, it is the perfect location for number of things: St Martin’s school of art, Kerb’s street grub offering, and plenty of food destinations.

Dishoom, Caravan, The Lighterman and more, have all made home here and the expanding office base in the area, and the increasing residential flats, make it a bit of a goldmine, you’d suspect.

Into this welcoming bosom comes Maple & King’s, which has taken up residence in a venue that has a mezzanine overlooking the square. After a successful foray in Fitzrovia, Maple founder Adria Wu has obviously worked out the formula and has backed herself to make a success of it.

Maple and Fitz majored on healthy, tasty all-day brunching, with Wu’s health food background informing the salads and veg laden dishes that office workers and lazy lunchers lapped up.

Cold press juices and smoothies and superfood cocktails lay in wait for the health-conscious (and those giving their bodies a time out from freakshaes and dirty burgers). M&K does lunchboxes with chicken, halloumi or tofu and big, creative salads, porridges aplenty (inc miso, a HotJoint favourite!) and gluten-free everything made in the bakery in Fitzrovia.

It’s fresh as a daisy and summery as a paddling pool, so now is the time (writing in July!). HotJoint likes to see such creativity at work and when the cold winter months ove in we suspect Maple will come out fighting. For now, treat yourself and your body and do the right thing.