Steak is where it’s at for any celebration and these guys know more about it than most in London

There’s a seriousness about Hawksmoor’s approach that makes the diner feel in good hands. A winning combination of attention to detail and attention to enjoyment means cocktails are spot on and the meat is of the highest quality. Routinely folk will make Hawksmoor the place to have that big splash-out.

Marylebone’s Zoilo is a modern Argentinian, which just means an Argentine restaurant without resorting to cliché, and it has created an enthusiastic following on that basis. But while the décor is brasserie and the format small plates, they haven’t lost their minds and screwed with that symbol of Argentinian cooking, amazing Pampas-fed steak. Lucky Marylebone.

HawksmoorOK, HotJoint admits it doesn’t know what a Himalayan salt chamber is but that’s where Glenarm Estate short horn beef ages and eventually some of it finds its way to HIx’s Oyster and Chop House in Cowcross Street. Here is another set of guys who know what they are doing and a porterhouse for two for £85 could be your next move immediately after that win on the Lottery.

Wolfgang Puck is a mini-industry, befitting his status as America’s highest profile celeb chef, but this doesn’t detract from the fact that he is a serious chef trained in france who rose through the ranks to found the world famous Bev Hills hangout Spago. Having parlayed that success into worldwide cred he was asked to open Cut at 45 at the Dorchester Park Lane and has been serving up some of the great steaks in London ever since.