Il Cudega is a wondrous blend of fun, community, childhood friendship and a serious passion for food. London Fields lucked out

A strange and beautiful thought: to have an eat, work, play area for London Fields citizens that cares about food and fun and the people who have made this community what it is: more than a Hackney spillover, but a quirky, creative, young, inspiring area.

Fount London was established in three arches in LF, with a shop zone for commerce – mainly local artisans working in print and sculpture and textiles, and folk such as the Roving Cafe – plus a place to play for youngsters, and an Italian restaurant that has real depth.

Il Cudega interiorSet among the craft breweries of London Fields, Il Cudega, which means “pork scratchings”, was created by two Italian childhood friends and is ahymn to Lombardy – in fact, they say they are London’s first Lombardian joint and who are we to argue.

With an onsite deli the nosh is simple and makes the best use of heavenly products: truffled pasta, burrata, focaccia, cured meats, risotto all Milanese, fried courgette flowers, roasted veal, sponge cake, mascarpone, tiramisu, the list goes on. La bella figura.

The joint has now graduated from lunchtime love-in to evening time adventure and La Maschler has given it her seal of approval, which may not have happened to a London Fields railway arch previously.

Not only that, but they have a wine cellar with on-site sales and 10% of profits go towards community related activities. If this all sounds too good to be true, hard cheese (ha ha!), it’s all going off in London Fields.