Pizza is everyone’s go-to meal, whatever the occasion. Impress us with your pizza knowledge and win Ponti’s vouchers

Pizza is pretty much the answer to everything: hangover cure, romantic dinner, nights out with the lads or lasses, first date, kids’ birthdays, night in, big night out, early morning post-drink soaker-upper, on and on it goes.
And who doesn’t love a disk of doughy goodness. Italians want it in their national anthem and other nations (yes, we’re talking about you America) try to lay claim to it. 
Here at HotJoint we are looking for someone who can showcase some pizza expertise in our pizza quiz. We’ve buddied up with Ponti’s, one of the most authentic Italian restaurants in London, to help test your knowledge. Fill in the quiz and get the chance of winning two £20 vouchers to spend at Ponti’s. 
1. Europeans once believed that one of the core ingredients for pizza, was poisonous. Can you name which one?
2. Why did demand for pizza in the USA increase significantly in the 50s?
3. Which pizza reputedly represents the green, white and red of Italy’s flag?
4. What is the kind of paddle used to slip pizzas in pizza ovens called?
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