An eastern tradition for the adventurous – and friendly

Thailand, Vietnam, Korea and China are the leaders among the many nations that have a hotpot tradition. To be fair most countries cook with a pot that gets hot, so let’s be specific here: a sharing hotpot, one full of hot broth in which diners pop raw ingredients to cook in moments. (Yes, not a lamb stew with sliced spuds on top, either.)

Appropriately enough, Hot Pot the restaurant is located at the entrance to Chinatown and comes at a time when food concepts and sharing plates are key ingredients in London’s own great hotpot of food and drink offerings.

Hot Pot brothIt may be that you don’t fancy such an interactive experience, and don’t feel that cooking your own food and going up to the sauce station is for you but come on, how many times have you eaten out and just been a passive observer of your food’s delivery?

And quite a choice there is too: beef fillet, lobster, crab, chicken, wantons, abalone, pork belly, sweet potato, quail’s eggs, fish. The sauces can be self-mixed from soy, chilli paste, oil, crispy onions and peanuts.

If you are not decisive then the broths may befuddle you too, with a selection of tom yam, hot Szechuan, Chicken, clear and veggie. The Thai restaurant group behind this have created a big menu and the choice is huge. There are six types of mushrooms, for crying out loud!

There are cocktails too, so this big space, funkily and carefully designed, could be a party space for groups, who can plot a course through the menu and the various iterations of choice – maybe as a work team-building project.