To celebrate London’s meatiest festival, Meatopia, HotJoint decided to hook up with HJ Linen and produce something, well, funky, cool, stylish, durable, useful, meat-tastic, and came up with a unique range of barbecuing, cheffing, at work or at home aprons inspired by London. We call them For London. (See more here

Using the capital as inspiration, the aprons tell stories and carry the weight of history on their shoulders. More importantly, they look good and they do the job. If you are a stylish grillmaster, these are for you!

product3The HotJoint This is a hardwearing brown waxed-cotton apron that fights off the tangiest and stickiest of sauces! Our signature apron is timeless and funky, and reflects both London’s rich history and its hunger for innovation and future-thinking. It is fully adjustable via the leather waist and neck straps and has two leather pockets, finished with solid antique brass fittings and red stitching. (Click the pic to purchase)


Blacksmith Crafted with British-made waxed cotton, and lined with a durable waterproof canvas, this apron is a nod to London’s ancient manufacturing and industrial traditions. Inspired by the blacksmiths of old, this apron is fully adjustable with one large leather pocket, and finished with solid antique brass metal fittings.

Product 1

Camden Made from 14oz denim, the Camden is a celebration of the capital’s alternative scenes, particularly the swinging 60s, the rise of punk and the history of music clubs, from Marquee to Ministry of Sound. We love denim and and we know you do! This is a cool, functional apron, easily adjustable, with brown leather waist and neck straps and two leather pockets, finished with solid antique brass metal fittings and red stitching.

Tanner Our bold mustard apron is made from 16oz cotton Product2duck canvas, and is a hardwearing apron with a more natural look of leather and canvas. This is in honour of London’s impact on fashion through the ages, and begins with the age-old leather-work skills of the tanner and ends with the capital’s style icons: Twiggy, Bailey, Moss, McQueen, Westwood. This stylish apron is from one of the country’s oldest working tanneries and includes adjustable brown leather waist and neck straps, two leather pockets, solid antique brass metal fittings and red stitching.

product5Ghost This apron, made from 14oz grey denim, is a nod to London’s reputation as the most haunted city in the world, with famous phantoms reported along the Thames, in Whitechapel and Highgate Cemetery. This ethereal, linen-look apron is light but durable. It is detailed with solid antique brass fittings and soft cotton canvas straps with a large pocket divided into four compartments.

Deli From all points of the compass, the capital is a foodie product6heaven with hand-roasted coffee and artisan-made meats and cheeses freely available. Deli is in honour of our quest to curate the most amazing selection of food and drink from all over the UK and the world. It is a rustic natural linen apron, our homage to the noble cloth. With crossover canvas straps that tie at the waist and large divided pockets with four compartments, this apron is lightweight and cool with ease of movement.

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