Champers is a bit pricey but it’s pretty much all we drink here at HotJoint towers. If you want to venture out, try these super spots

Catch Bar and Lounge
Andaz Hotel in Liverpool Street is full of surprises and Catch bar is one of them. Not ncecessarily for its overall effect, even though it boasts a nice range of snacks etc but because it has a stunning circular champagne bar with over 70 different types of champagne. Hire it for £2K!

SearcysSearcy’s at St Pancras
Now, Searcy’s claims to have the longest champagne bar in Europe. Hmmm, says HotJoint. What is beyond dispute is that it is highly unusual, set in the beautiful but undeniably industrial setting of St Pancras station. It is romantic, but not intimate, worth a visit just for the heated leather banquettes.

The American Bar
There’s no doubting the heritage of this famous watering hole, which claims to be the oldest American Bar in London. Again, not quite sure about this as a boast but what is clear is that it’s a classy number for cocktails and Champagne and is currently the world’s best bar. So why not make it a Champagne cocktail? Obvious, really.

Champagne Bar at Texture
Now, size isn’t everything, but Texture’s list of Champagne for pre-dinner aperitifs stands at 140 – and that’s pretty impressive. Texture is obvs a Michelin-starred joint, so a fat wallet is a must, but so is an appreciation of the finer things in life. Live a little!

Harrods Champagne Bar
At the opposite end of the scale – size wise – is the Harrods champers bar. Harrods is a little shopping mall kind of place if you don’t know it, and the boutiquey, very white, bar serves Champagne from one estate. Which is the very definition of exclusive and the whole experience is capped off by being located in the fashion area and overlooks the shopping area. Very dahling!