Crab, crab and more crab. Fancy Crab is a bold, colourful and out-there notion with a creative flourish to boot

Fancy crab? You’d better, because this is a one-food joint (OK, it’s not really, but the clawed crustacean’s are the big focus here.) You can order a whole red king crab that will make your table groan and your chops slather.

You can have it served cold with pickle, hot and buttery with herbs, king crab pappardelle, or fired up with chilli, Singapore-style. To be fair, you could probably ask for it stuffed with hobnobs and garnished with tobacco and they’d have a go, such seems the devotion to crab and experimentation.

Fancy Crab burgersThe fancy crab burger with polenta chips looks delicious and actually a mile away from the unwieldy beast that it was made from and which lives (never farmed, according to FC) in the North Atlantic.

It’s a bold venture in some ways, but with scallops and oysters joining their oceanic friends on the menu, and some serious burgers, there are a few items for the less adventurous (bor-ing). The swanky 150-seat Marylebone venue also says this isn’t a post-ub diversion but a serious attempt at engaging a regular audience.

So if you want to shell out, or make a friend less crabby, or get a business associate to agree to a favourable clause, nip on over. (Yes, we saved all the crab puns for the last paragraph.)

PS. Is anyone else reminded of the Monty Python spam sketch, where a café serves everything with spam. And they sing the spam song?