London’s love of chicken simply grows unabated – but it is giving rise to new ideas, as Chik’n ably demonstrates

It was only a few years ago that people remember that burgers and chicken were quite popular and didn’t need to be consumed post-pub in conditions that would appal a hygiene inspector for them to be yumsk.

The rise of the posh burger joint (or really the acceptable burger joint – eg Honest) occurred in parallel with the rise of the posh chicken joint (or really the acceptable chicken joint – eg Bily and the Chicks).

Now, there is a strata of chicken joints that are removed from the Chicken Cottage and a certain colonel and have been competing for most refined approach without being too expensive.

Clutch (chive scrambled egg with roasted chilli chicken sausage), Ma Plucker (chicken skin gravy) and Chick’n Sours (Korean froed chicken bun with Sichuan aubergine) have all set new levels for the humble fried chick.

Some (Rita’s) have not survived the great flock of posh chicken shops as a lot of fast-casual joints add a fried chicken option in among their menus, always looking to please the ever-needy London foodie.

Chik'nAnd it is Chick’n Sours that have made the next move. CnS started in Kingsland Road with a simple idea: great chicken for young east-living folk with cocktails and a banging soundtrack. Success facilitated an expansion to Seven Dials and now a more straightforward, fasty kind of joint: Chik’n. Chicken sausage breakfasts and chickens in buns (hot with sriracha, or with a blue cheese dip) make this a stab at a more high street offer but with that goal of bringing quality.

Baker Street is playing host to this new concept that has ditched the cocktails and will no doubt be building a loyal trade of workers, locals and tourists. World domination is on the cards, we think.