I mean, if this alley (actually Lancashire Court) was anywhere else, it would be seriously dodgy. In Mayfair, it plays host to a series of eating and drinking establishments, the regular haunts of the monied – but not in a flashy, better-than-you way – it’s like a local gathering place; the locals just happen to be hedge funders and people who don’t need to work.

It’s a bit of a squash and a squeeze, which is not usually something your wealthy clientele enjoy, but here, it is put up with. Half way down, is Bar Cartizze, a small drinking gaff embellished with chrome and brass and diamante and god knows what else. It’s a very polished performance. You could do your make-up in every available surface.

Cartissee bar mirror HJCartissee bar angle HJIt’s a cocktail bar – natch – but a weensy one, with loads of atmosphere, the noise of people with money letting off steam after a hard day pouring over balance sheets and market analysis. Try the Truffled Liquorice Sour or the Olive Oil Gin Fizz to help you unwind in the sumptuous art deco-inspired interior, the work of Fabled design studios.

There is a seriously Italianate feel – Bellinis (rhubarb, no less) and other preosecco cocktails (check) and a Sicilian Gimlet (blood orange gin, blood orange, lemon cordial) in attendance, you could be in on the Orient Express chugging over the Dolomites (if it goes that far – I’ve no idea. I went to Aberdeen on an overnighter once….). There’s some figs in parma ham and oysters and other stuff if you fancy an extra dimension to your taste sensation.

Save up. Because you’re worth it.

4 Lancashire Court, New Bond Street, Mayfair, London, W1S 1EY