A dipping concept, a West Indian, a groovy chain, a cow obsession and a secret burger: only in London

Stokey Bears

Burger bar on Newington High Street that takes having a good time very seriously. Which means big juicy burgers with Ribman sauce and jalapeno, or avocado and salsa, or even a surprise burger called the Triple Threat. With loud music and cocktails (the house cocktail is peanut butter, vodka and Kahlua) and even a big breakfast, this is how to do things properly.

Greedy Cow
Guess what Mile End’s Greedy Cow does. It cooks up steaks and burgers and doesn’t mind if anyone’s got a problem with that. They have a lamb effort with Indian spices, a Jamaican with jerk sauce and a Mexican with guac and sour cream. But give them credit, they also do a veggie, dreamt up from courgettes and lentils and all sorts (not liquorice, obvs). And the place is decked out in gorgeous wood. Classy!

Honest Burgers

What can you say about Honest Burgers. They were in some ways at the forefront of the burger revolution and now have over 20 outposts, still cranking out amazing burgers and using best UK products. Every joint is clean and well run. I mean, that’s how to roll out. aTheir list of sides and additions is great still. Burger respect.

Boom Burger

The home of burgers with a Carribean twist; as well as having wings in a jerk sauce, and saltfish and herb fritters, but most people come, we suspect, for the Fried Chicken Boom Burger, prepared in buttermilk and laced with scotch bonnet mayo. Sunshine under the Westway.


Flip and dipDip & Flip

There’s a cheese burger, there’s a chicken burger, there’s a potato rosti burger with a fried egg (we think that’s the veggie one). But that’s not what is going to take you into Dip & Flip’s crazy world, that’ll be the chance to try their gravy, which you are expected to dip your burger into. And don’t knock it until you try it. I mean, life is short and you’ve got to try everything once. Wimbledon, Brixton and Tooting are all waiting for you with venues giving you this opportunity!