The first four joints in Bloomberg’s keenly awaited restaurant Arcade are up and running; and they are familiar names …

This viti-destination deserves some sort of prize for being a good idea, well executed, in great locations, looking good, and heaven for wine buffs and foodies alike. It is a straight A student. Which means that it is a solid addition to the Bloomberg Arcade, many financial folk will indulge the over 300 wines that habitually domicile at its lovely joints. And Vinoteca won’t scare the horses. This is the fifth Vinoteca, their biggest yet, and more power to their elbow as they consistently keep the standards high – on-tap Prosecco and all.

Bleecker 2Bleecker Burger
The big question I have about Bleecker is why it seemed so impossible for 100 years of burgers (and more) to have a chain of burger shops that produced top quality burgers, and now it is not impossible. Bleecker gets to the top of lots of Londoners ‘Best Burger Ever’ list, yet they are an ever-growing mini-chain. Let’s face it, they stick to what they know, with sparse interiors and a very short list of burgers and sides and drinks. Maybe that’s the key. Either way, they are a joy for grazing burger lovers and Bloomberg will be a happier place for their inclusion.

Another mini-chain (spot the pattern here) and Caravan are the place every neighbourhood needs: breakfast, lunch, dinner, sandwich, celebration, cocktail, meeting, healthy, indulgent, Caravan can knock it up for you and welcome you into their clever and well-designed embrace. If all you need is a coffee they are specialists in that, so jump over for a plum, cocoa and berry espresso mix (or any other) and relax. Then get back to trading stocks, or foreign currencies or whatever …

Now, here is yet another mini-chain and again it’s a top notch one, this time offering a slice of a different kind of action. Homeslice makes mighty 20 inch doughy discs of lover and you get them by the slice (mix and match!) and they even go bottomless, which for the uninitiated is: eat until you can’t eat any more. They are a chilled bunch and offer up cocktails and craft beers too, so we are looking at fun, fun, fun and a massy face, so make sure, on the way back to the trading desk (yes, again) you check a mirror and get the marinara sauce of your face.