Meaty, massive and bursting with flavour, Big Apple Hot Dogs are leading the way in quality dogs in the capital

Let’s face it, it’s hard to be a connoisseur of hot dogs but there Is an art to making a dog that the Germans particularly have practiced and sausage-making can be viewed as a fairly refined activity.

Yet your dogs are usually frowned upon by foodie snobs – except with a bit of champers at Bubbledogs!

Big Apple Hot DogBig Apple Hot Dogs are big and juicy and meaty and that’s what you need in a sausage, but there’s more at BAHD: Giles Coren has said they are the best in Britain. Although how many he chomped through to come to this conclusion is a decent enough question.

They bring you an all-beef, a smokey ‘Big Frank’ (pork), a big Pole (pork with paprika), a pork-beef mix in the Big Dog (gave up on the names with that one!) and oodles of relishes and pickles to top off.

An article on Bloomberg suggested that the hot dog was a growing influence in UK street food and beyond but to be honest, HotJoint sees little evidence of this.

BAHD seems to be ploughing a lonely furrow and more’s the pity but their stations in Cole and Sons deli on Caledonian Road and at Euston Station (it’s a toss-up with Ribman!) are waiting for your custom.

BAHD are no slow joes and run a wholesale biz on the side (or even their main business, we haven’t seen the books) so order over the internet if you like.

These badboys are nearly a fifth of a kilo of meat. In other words they will fill you up. And until the competition heats up, they are the hot dogs du jour. Get on down!