Sausages and beer! Brits should love German food, just check out Bierschenke

The lack of great German food destinations doesn’t quite add up in a cuisine such as the UK’s that is not exactly shy of stodge, potatoes, pickles, cured meats and sausages. Not to mention beer. But the fact is German cuisine is stuck in a stereotype in London, of big steins and hot dogs (not exactly the end of the world!)

Bierschenke beerAs Oktoberfest comes around to single-handedly invigorate the German imported foods market in the capital Hotjoint thought it would shine a light on someone embodying that German spirit.

Bierschenke has brought the authentic bier hall experience to London with a real attention to detail. They even have their own beer brewed exclusively for them by a canturies-old brewing family. Now if you didn’t know about the German beer purity laws, it might be best to educate you. There are a set of laws in Germany that prohibit the use of additives in beer so everything you taste just has water, yeast, hops and malted grain – and nothing else.

These laws, the Rheinheitsgebot, are seen by some as inhibitive to invention but the beers in Germany are pretty diverse and indeed Bierschenke boasts an array of helles, darks, wheats and bottles including a raspberry number.

The great thing about Bierschenke is it plays to Germany’s strengths. If you wanted somewhere to push German cuisine to the limits, this ain’t it. So you get plate-sized schnitzel and pork shank, dumplings and a selection of sausages. And don’t forget the sauerkraut, pretzel and potato salad.

But there are also some neat addtions, such as Leberkase, Bavarian beef-pork loaf; Kasespatzle, egg noodles with cheese and onions (!); vegan goulash and baked cheeses. For afters, yes, there’s strudel, but there’s also pancakes, cheesecake and Swiss chocolate and cherry ice cream to put a smile of your face.

Wherever you choose to Oktoberfest – Bierschenken are doing a Spooktoberfest at the end of October – make sure they are going to have an oompah band, as BS does every Sunday, to complete the total German experience.