Bentley’s has got L factor: that intangible  London eating and drinking magic, fresh from the sea

You name it, Bentley’s has sourced it impeccably and proffered it up for the swanky citizens of Mayfair: crab cakes, Lobster bisque, crispy squid, octopus, crevettes, scallops, turbot, sole, lobster, the list goes on and the prices go up.

Bentley'sBut what were you expecting in a legendary fish and seafood joint owned by Richard Corrigan and situated in the capital’s most expensive neighbourhood.

Plus the fact that this is more than just a magical maritime eatery, it’s an “oyster bar”, which means it will undoubtedly be more expensive than your usual fishy ferrango.

And they really go for it on the oyster front, offering them from Dorset and Jersey to Galway and Scotland, and they come garlic-baked, Florentine, Catalan, Rockefeller, Vietnamese. Is it worth mentioning they do steaks and chicken and duck too?

Again, this once-poor-man’s dish is now 3 quid a shell, but the sharp and indulgent décor and intimate downstairs oyster bar is enough to convince this is something special. The staff shuck away with machine gun efficiency and there are plenty of upscale booze options to accompany the show.

Bentley’s has reached official venerable status being over 100 years old and has retained a lot of the old polished wood, the marble work tops and art deco windows making this feel like an historical venue, all set for an historic experience.