What is it with Aussie’s a great-eating all day joints? Just ask Ben …

At some point in time the great food god in the sky decided that Aussie food could do with a global image, and the freshness and zing of café living in Sydney and Melbourne became the byword for Antipodean fare.

Since this point in, roughly, the 2000s, the healthy Aussie brunch, the light, tasty snacks, the have-it-all combo of sweet and natural, has popped up all over the place.

When Aussie wines joined the party, and the coffee bean began its ascent to poncery status, the deal was set. And now, Aussies can open a joint (or someone can open a joint labelled Aussie) and the crowds will turn up for the eggy bread and bacon, and oats and berries breakfasts, and light fishy lunches etc etc.

Ben’s Canteen in Clapham has a similar tale to tell, even coming with its own affable Aussie, but this one (the eponymous Ben) has started something special. BC offers that all-day vibe but twins it with a Brit sensibility for long, boozy Sundays and spending a little more on a bottle of vino.

What can you say about serving premium gourmet burgers and pairing them with wines. It sounds like a project of passion and that is what Ben has set out to do. Boasting of pulled pork nachos and duck nuggets, breakfast burritos, banana pancakes, calamari chips, chocolate and peanut butter brownie with peanut butter ice cream – it all sounds like a dream.

And with one joint in Clapham and then Earlsfield, Ben’s is now set to emerge in the Battersea Power Station redevelopment. It’s a happy menu, with a happy story.