A massive south-east Asian food court in north London? Bang Bang sounds incredible. And it is …

Regular users will be very aware that HotJoint is a big fan of regional Chinese cooking even if our enthusiasm was born in the 1970s when takeaway Chinese ruled the roost with nuclear orange sauces and slippery MSG’ed noodles.

While those days haven’t quite gone – yes, we’re looking at you ** *** our local, very much stuck in the 70s Chinese – there are some cracking joints in London now and Chineses all over the country seem to have upped their game.

Bang Bang foodNow, we welcome a Chinese food Nirvana, born from a mini-Chinatown (albeit in one building) in Colindale north London and owned by the Royal China Group, whose restaurants in London have long been the benchmark for proper dimsum.

They have created a huge food court and welcomed in some of the capital’s best Chinese joints. OK< it’s a bit out of the way, but they have created – a bit like Mercato Metropolitano – a destination, must-visit place with plenty for the touring foodie, and the many Chinese and south-east Asian locals, to be happy about.

So there is a Thai Silk stall (a Waterloo fave) and Chatime, who make bubble tea in Soho. There is a Four Seasons from Chinatown and outposts from restaurants in Singapore and Hong Kong. Around 33 operators in all. The RCG run the enormous Golden Dragon restaurant downstairs and upstairs the food holds court.

Most dishes are small and priced to encourage you to shop about. There is also a bit of fun to be had ordering at the stalls and being given a pager to collect food etc. The place appears to be buzzing and you have to ask, what more do you want? Fun and feasting Chinese-style, only a tube ride away.