High-flying Korea joint Asadal joins the HotJoint love list

In the absence of prize-winning, competent, coherent journalism, HotJoint likes nothing more than listing things it loves about food and drink and London, however silly, however obscure.

Asadal KoreanTwo things that spring to mind when considering the fine Korean barbecue at Asadal in Holborn (apart from the fine Korean barbecue at Asadal in Holborn) is that it is one of those restaurants that flies under the radar.

It is not a local classic, nor a high-profile opening, it doesn’t have a celeb (or pseudo-celeb) attached to it, it isn’t cool, the chef doesn’t appear in style mags with tats and hipster beard to the fore – it just serves up wicked food to ots of happy customers.

Number two on the list of things to love is that it shuts in the afternoon. OK, this is annoying if you want to eat there in the afternoon – granted – but who goes out to eat in the afternoon? It seems quaint and we’re happy for them.

Korean food has developed over years of socio-political change with its origins firmly in the agricultural and most importantly rice. But the vegetables and meat Korea has in abundance has given way to different cooking styles and Asadal focuses on a couple around the BBQ.

Bul go gi is marinated meat, cut into thin strips and cooked quickly over a grill or on a stove top. Bibimbap is a mixed bowl of rice, served ith vegetables, meat, soy bean paste, egg, any number of delicious additions.

Asadal also serves up tradition hotpot and keeps everyone happy without fancy PR plans or gimmicks. Authentic, stylish and in Holborn (there’s not too many great joints there), Asadal definitely deserves its place on the HotJoint under-the-radar love list.