Breakfasts from all over the planet are available in our beloved capital to transport you, first thing in the morning, to another food culture

Australia: Beany Green

Knockabout Aussie brunchfest serves up banana bread, berry porridge, chilli pesto on sourdough and enough avocado to paint the walls (main pic) over east in Broadgate. They also do, in that anything-goes Aussie style, a gluten free broccoli bread with free range eggs, avo, tofu, mayo, feta and pumpkin seeds. Fair dinkum brekko, I reckon.

HawksmoorUK: Hawksmoor

Yes, they do kippers and breakfast cocktails, but there’s only one reason to go for a Hawksmoor breakfast: smoked bacon chop, pork, beef and mutton sausages, black pudding, short rib bubble and squeak, grilled bone marrow, trotter baked beans, fried eggs, grilled mushrooms, roast tomatoes, HP gravy, unlimited toast. Sounds more like a dare than a full English.

USA (California): Bel-Air

For a healthy vibrant west coast slice of life, Bel-Air landed near Old Street roundabout to tune up the tecchies. And with courgette hash and a Muscle Beach (grilled steak with spinach and sweet potato hash), a well as granolas and a dizzying array of smoothies, you too, can ‘have a nice day!’

Fischers - grostlAustrian: Fischers

The grandiose nature of Fischer’s restaurant in Marylebone is matched by the food and breakfast too could become the grandest of feasts with pastramis and hollandaises flying around, but you’d have to plump for the Grostl (see pic). How about the sound of Paprika-fried potatoes and onions with bacon, spinach and a fried hen’s egg? Nice.

Middle East: Arabica

Now, we all know Ottolenghi invented shakshuka (What! He didn’t?) but it is a universally appealing breakfast and we’ve chosen lovely Levantine joint Arabica as they make a special effort for brekkie. You can have broad bean dip and a Bosphorous fisherman’s breakfast featuring a Severn and Wye kipper, which is very ‘global village’. But the shakshuka shines, featuring braised eggs, piquante tomato sauce, smoked peppers, crispy onions and flatbread. Dive in!