Blues Kitchen Camden
This famously energetic music filled bar-diner on the high street in Camden has all the all-American spirit and food you need with around 50 bourbons to whet your appetite. The barbecue will hit the spot and it does a mega superfood salad range for the pious!

Burger & Lobster
This is one for the purists as a concept joint with two main choices and fixed prices and a whole bunch of cocktails to keep you occupied. It’s fun, fun, fun all the way with a waiting list for a table when you pop in. But with the massive fries and side salad it means you won’t go hungry here.

Wolfgang Puck has a name to remember, a cooking pedigree frighten the horses and provides unforgettable restaurant experiences. Cut is palatial, beautiful, with aesthetically pleasing staff and a range of steakhouse food to reel off the classics, with the poshest burgers in town and refined mac and cheese.

Chicken Town
OK, the chicken thing is going completely mad. Where all these chickens that London and the rest of the UK keeps demanding live is a mystery, there must be a squillion of them somewhere lcucking quietly away, waiting for their day to come to be dipped in buttermilk and herbs and fried. Chicken Town do it better than most with their healthy approach, with a quick steaming first and the likes of sweet potato wedges and kale to make you happy, happy.

Righty, let’s go a bit grown-up. Covent Garden has a bit of history with American joints and Christopher’s is grand and sassy and does things like caesar salad, and some inspired crab cakes. It’s an all-dayer for meetings and pretheatre and big evenings when the steak and lobster and more regional fare tempts the diner. Plus, it’s a martini bar.