It’s not too late – if you know a BBQ-bonkers daddy, here’s some present ideas that will make his day!

Picture 13

1. Of course, no super-stylish BBQ chef would be seen without a HotJoint BBQ apron  (£85,

2. You will wonder how you ever managed without this Wicker foldaway BBQ tool set (£38, Not On The High Street)

3. This is a corking little hot and cold smoker and over-coals BBQ that can do a tonne of food  (£258, Mac’s BBQ)

Picture 9

4. Pulling succulent BBQ’d meat apart is satisfying at the best of times, but doubly so with a pair of bear paws like these (£14.99, Firebox)

5. A spice rub can make all the difference on BBQ’d meat. Try some of these gift selection boxes featuring ras-el-hanout, baharat and creole among others  (Planet Barbecue, £13.95)

Picture 11

6. And then slap on the marinade before and during cooking with this special brush and jar (£14.99, Weber)

7. Not enough people do hotdogs over the charcoal – here’s a griller to help you do a few at once  (£25.99, American BBQ)

8. If your BBQ is juicy enough, then you need a cutting board with juice tray. Of course you do! (£38.69, Oaktree Garden Centre)

Picture 12

9. If you don’t wear heat-resitant gloves, you’re going to get your fingers burned!  (£49.99, Jas Boutique)

Picture 16

10. Save your veggies from a burning using a perforated BBQ frying pan. Wish I’d thought of that …  (£13.99, Lakeland)